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When words become unclear, pictures come into play. Photography is the story containing the humanity of the moment that we fail to put into words. Moments die, but pictures stay. They give us life.

With an urge to add value to your life with high-resolution photos, corporate event photography and product photography, we laid the foundation of Northcott Photography. Started as Nature’s Lens Wildlife Photography back in 1978, Northcott Photography is a full-service photography business that covers photographic services for almost any need.

We always strive to get you the finished product in a timely and efficient manner.Expect to receive your desired results promptly as we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to satisfy your needs. Expect to receive your desired results promptly and efficiently as we are not scared to do anything possible to satisfy your needs. We currently cater to the Wildlife, Glamour Portraits, Children, Pets, Products for advertising and Fashion Industries.

About Us
About Us

About me

I am a Professional Photographer who understands, appreciates, and harnesses the power every moment holds. For over four decades, , I have been capturing moments freezing time, and showing how genuinely wealthy life is.

Photography and wildlife have always been my passion. When I was 14 years old, my father brought me a camera from his foreign trip. Ever since I have been striving for means to enhance my abilities.

I currently excel in Glamour and product photography. I do Glamour Photography as well as Advertising Photography. What I do is what I love and through my lens I can help you capture the moment that is uniquely yours in a way that is distinctly mine.

My Accomplishments

  • Voted to be one of the Best 100 Wildlife Photographers in the World by Digital Photographer Magazine in 2007.
  • Nominated as one of the Top 40 Male Photographers by Hot Model Magazine in 2018.
  • Published in many genres nationally and internationally.
  • Represented by several Stock Agencies, selling stock images worldwide.
About Us
About Us


To continue to hone my skills and travel World Wide to pursue my Craft.


To provide customers with the desired photographic results promptly and efficiently.

Seize Your Amazing Moments

Experienced and professional, I ensure quality photography services at an affordable price range. I would love to do your photography and please you with my service. You will love how I create an illusion of reality with which you can create your own world.


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