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Images are and always have been a form of communication, At Northcott Photography we aim at providing you images that tell a story, that are packed with sentiments and allow you to go down the memory lane and cherish the captured moments.

I am a Professional Photographer who understands, appreciates, and harnesses the power every moment holds. For over four decades, I have been capturing moments freezing time, and showing how genuinely wealthy life is.

With my photography, I create and transcend visuals. I take light, respect and enjoy it. I know light above all, and I understand the concept. I appreciate the moments. I love to capture the array of sensations written on your face, the majesty of the Earth and stars, and your complexity and uncertainty. What I do is what I love and through my lens I can help you capture the moment that is uniquely yours in a way that is distinctly mine.

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Experienced and professional, I ensure quality photography services at an affordable price range. I would love to do your photography and please you with my service. You will love how I create an illusion of reality with which you can create your own world.


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